I never wanted the number 9 jersey at West Brom – Brown Ideye

by Ayotunde Ogala (2 min read)

AFCON 2013 champion, Brown Ideye was live with AyoT of Eagles Tracker to discuss a range of topics, including his Summer 2014 move to West Bromwich Albion in the English Premier League.

Brown recalls being disappointed about not getting called up to represent the Super Eagles at the 2014 FIFA World Cup saying “At that point I was like, forget about football, I just want to chill”.

He said he received a phone call from his agent saying that West Brom might be interested in signing him but that he ignored the message feeling like “Is it a boy that did not go to the World Cup with his national team that they want to sign ?

To his surprise, his agent called again that night and told him that West Brom wanted him in London the next morning. “I was shocked…I didn’t believe, I was not looking towards that direction, I was just thinking that it was another team, I didn’t know that it was something big.”

He packed his bags and was off to England within a few hours.

On arrival in London, Brown says he was warmly embraced by his agent who kept on saying “You have made it, you have made it. West Brom want to sign you.”

They immediately left for the team’s facilities where he says cameras were already set up, again to his surprise. “If I have to pick, I would not pick the number 9 jersey, I never liked to wear number 9. They just said ‘You’re our record signing and this is it.’ I was just smiling. The whole thing was a rush”

“I took the pictures then I went into the toilet and I was looking at myself like if this is a dream, I don’t want to wake up. I don’t know what happened but I just started crying like ‘God, why do you have to bless me this much ?'”

He describes how excited his agent was throughout the entire experience and that they both went to the club to celebrate that night.

On hearing of the 10 million pound transfer fee paid by West Brom for his services, Brown said “I was shocked, I was surprised, like this is too much. I didn’t think that put pressure on me though, I felt like I was worth that amount.”

Brown Ideye went on to make 31 appearances for West Brom in all competitions, scoring 7 goals, before moving to Olympiacos in the following summer.

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Author: AyoT Ogala

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