Cameramen in the Nigerian teams aren’t professional – Abu Azeez

by Ayotunde Ogala (1 min read)

Warrri Wolves forward, Abu Azeez disucssed some of the issues with the NPFL.

In an Instagram Live conversation with Ayotunde Ogala on an episode of #ETLive, he explained how it was extremely unfortunate that none of the league’s matches is aired anywhere in the world, meaning that fans, scouts and other clubs are unable to watch players in action. He spoke specifically about a situation where he was trying to compile footage of his match actions for his YouTube channel. He said:

“I had to contact our team’s cameramen so I could get clips of my matches. That is when you would notice that the cameramen in Nigerian teams are not professionals and the video won’t come out sharp and clear. How on earth are you going to send those videos that are not clear to agents ? You score a goal and you won’t even know when you score becuase the videos aren’t clear enough. It is very very unfortunate.”

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Author: AyoT Ogala

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